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T3 Project: Tieks is Tri-Friendly

Tieks—The Ballet Flat, Reinvented (shown here in Fuchsia and Electric Snake)

I’m excited to kick off The T3 Project with Tieks by Gavrieli — “The ballet flat, reinvented.” This is a great brand for women on the go, and female triathletes are perhaps some of the “going-est” women out there.

As a recap, the T3 Project is about finding brands that help women strike a fashion-forward, time-saving, feel-good balance between their lives as athletes and their lives as moms, wives, friends, working professionals and everything in between. Here’s how Tieks performs on the T3 criteria.

T3 Brands Must Do Good —Tieks Empowers Women Entrepreneurs Around the World

The Gavrieli Foundation contributes money to women around the globe (often in countries where poverty prevails) in order to inspire social change and provide opportunities for women to improve their lives (and those of the people around them). For every “like” the Tieks Facebook page gains, a dollar is donated to the foundation. To date, the company has committed $709,330 to this cause.

T3 Brands Must Be Innovative — Tieks Are Portable, Comfortable Fashion

Any woman who has ever packed a bag to transition from workout to workday at the gym will tell you that getting an entire outfit into a single, compact area without snagging, tearing, wrinkling or soiling the garments is a major stress. Tieks are the only shoes that you can actually fold in half and store in a small, protective pouch.

A shoe that’s foldable for easy portability; and fashionable for easy posh-ability

Handcrafted from fine Italian leather, you can rest assured that you’re not only packing a high quality, fashionable pair of shoes to change into post-workout, but there’s no risk of a jagged heel catching on anything, or your sweaty, dirty workout clothes coming in contact with the leather. (Sweat can eat away the metal frame on a spin bike, and cause hair ties to SNAP after a handful of workouts. Not exactly the kind of substance you want to pack your Louboutins next to).

The shoes are also comfortable, thanks to way they’re made. An elastic band around the majority of the shoe ensures a good fit, but it gives way to a cushioned heel for more support and comfort in the back. Unlike many ballet flats, these shoes are also crafted to offer additional support through the arch of the foot and a durable non-slip traction in the signature Tieks-blue sole. Having a closed-toe shoe that looks and feels stylish, AND is comfortable is a miracle product for the athletic woman whose feet may be in perpetual need of a pedicure (black toenail anyone?) and a massage (ask any woman training for an Ironman which she’d rather indulge in — six-inch stilettos, or a foot rub…).

Tieks come in every color you can imagine, and every pair is shipped with its own packable tote, for the woman who may be looking for a place to ditch her heels and slip into some ballet flats en route to her workout after a day of dress-up.

T3 Brands Must Be Non Multisport — Tieks, Meet Tri. Tri, Meet Tieks.

When I first reached out to Tieks about being featured in the T3 Project, I wasn’t sure how they would respond. The website features a parade of women that evoke high-fashion editorial, as opposed to high-volume training. (No sports bra/bike short tan lines on these ladies, and nary a stich of Lycra to be seen!) The brand was really excited about the multisport audience, and a perfect fit to kick off our project.

FROM BEAST TO BABE: You’ve nailed your tempo run, and hammered out your bike ride. Now transition from workout to werk-it in a pair of Tieks ballet flats without sacrificing style or comfort.

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