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The T3 Project—Brands that Bridge the Gap from Beast to Babe

Triathlon is a combination of three sports, linked together by two transitions. The first transition, T1, is when the athlete goes from swimming to biking. It usually requires the athlete to make a mad scramble from the water to an area where she sheds her wetsuit, puts on cycling shoes and grabs her bike before cycling for several hours. The second transition, T2, is when the athlete puts her bike away, changes to sneakers and heads out to run a number of miles before finishing her race.

Ladies, I think it’s time to talk about a third transition.

T3: The transition from tri training back to the rest of our lives.

I’m all for tearing up a workout, getting down and dirty and going beast-mode to be a better athlete, but when the workout is over I want to get back to my softer side…I just don’t have a lot of time to do that.

In 2014, I’m committing myself to make the effort to reclaim a little bit of the woman I was before Ironman. I’m not talking about LESS training, or editing my goals…I’m talking about bringing back some of the style and flare I used to spend time and money on BEFORE I started swimming, biking, and running 17-20 hours a week. I’m talking about the MOJO before multisport.

I’m on a mission to find the brands that make it possible for me to look and feel just as good in the boardroom as I do on the bike. I’m packing away the race T-shirts, yoga pants, flip-flops and sneakers, and pumping up the pizazz, pretty and polish. I’m looking for function AND fashion, sense AND style, comfort AND couture.

And don’t tell me it’s not possible, because if being an Ironman has taught me just a single thing, it’s that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

To kick off the project, I’ve researched a few brands that GET it. I’ll be featuring the first T3 brand and product review in January here on TRI MOJO. The brands that GET IT understand that we wear many hats in our lives.

It’s not just about making it easier to go from swim cap to helmet to visor, but to the hats we wear as career women, moms, volunteers, board members, social butterflies, and everything in between.

Here’s how it works. I’ll review a new brand/product every month, as long as it meets the following T3 guidelines:

T3 Brands Must Do Good

Triathlon has become a platform for spreading awareness and making positive changes in the world. Many athletes use the sport to improve a cause close to their hearts. We’re looking for brands that do the same. Just like triathlon is about more than the numbers on the clock, a T3 brand needs to be about more than the numbers on the bottom line.

T3 Brands Must Be Innovative

As triathletes, we’re constantly looking for brands that “change the game.” Innovation in multisport usually boils down to the ways a product can ultimately improve our performance to make us faster. A T3 brand needs to find ways to bring flare, function and fashion together FASTER so we can Clark-Kent our way out of a locker-room looking and feeling like the amazing women we are.

T3 Brands Must Be Non Multisport

This is not your typical triathlon gear review guide, and therefore we are not looking for your typical triathlon gear. We will not review any products that are traditionally associated with the sport. A T3 brand is one that caters to the woman on the other side of her workout.


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