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T3 Project: Bolder Bands Bring It

Easy style, before and after your workout

Hair. No matter what length or style you rock, your locks can become an issue during and after your workout. In the throws of training, it can be annoying to readjust hats, headbands and elastic ties to keep sweaty strands out of our eyes. And post-workout, there’s not always time for coiffing and primping. The ol’ “pull it back in a ponytail” look can get old pretty quickly, so what’s a girl to do?

Grab a Bolder Band.

The unique design of these fabric headbands adjusts to accommodate a range of “fit” needs for various hairstyles. In the past year, I’ve gone from long hair, to a shoulder-length bob, to a pixie cut and have found the Bolder Band to be effective (and stylish) at every length. The secret is in the way the band is crafted. It can be folded so that the coverage is more narrow (about an inch and a half wide), or expanded to act almost like a handkerchief covering most of the head.

Warning: Bolder Bands can cause extreme cases of SASS!

To style the band for a post-workout look, try pulling different pieces of hair beneath the band to frame the face, while letting the fabric expand over the “obviously just worked out” areas (for me, that’s usually where my hair parts, and things look sweaty even after I’ve cooled down and air dried).

Bolder Band comes in a range of colors and patterns to customize your look, and comes with an awesome motivational card to remind you exactly how awesome (and busy!) you are. I keep mine tacked over my desk in my home office.

Pink chevron band + words of wisdom


Let’s see how Bolder Band measures up against the T3 criteria:

T3 Brands Must Do Good — Bolder Bands Keep the Love Local

These handcrafted headbands are 100% made in Colorado, USA. A percentage of the profits from Bolder Band’s Breast Cancer Band sales are donated to local women fighting the disease, and the company also donates headbands to the local high school track team, and supports several races and fundraisers in the area.

T3 Brands Must Be Innovative — Bolder Band Fills a Gap in the Market

Amy Crouse, founder and creator of Bolder Band, is a cross-fitting, running mom of three kids who enjoys working out but could never find the right thing to hold her hair back. Tired of the name-brand elastic headbands popping off  after every third burpee, she decided to take matters into her own hands and created an alternative. Her tagline, “chick headbands that stay put so you don’t have to,” says it all. It’s the only headband on the market that can be worn six different ways, offering unparalleled versatility, and crafted from absorbent Lycra to keep you dry during your workout (or help to wick away moisture post-workout).

T3 Brands Must Be Non-Multisport — Bolder Band is For Women Who Are Busy, Balanced and Bangin’ On All Cylinders

Bolder Band’s ode to its customers does a nice job summarizing WHO the product is for, and all of the reasons why we sometimes need to get our hair out of the way. Ms. Crouse reminds us, “To be the bold, beautiful, web blogging, downward-dogging, ball chasing, marathon racing, racket swinging, laundry slinging, baby-sitting, crossfitting, chance-taking, booty shaking, snow obsessing, bench-pressing, grocery shopping, never stopping YOU.” Amen.

The run might be over, but that doesn’t mean you’re done running! You don’t have to hide your hair under visors, dri-fit caps and heavy hats. Instead, style it with an absorbent headband that gives you the perfect blend of fashion and function.

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just had 3 people message me wanting to know about the bands.Myself I run from 3 to 8 miles and do runs threw out the summer ,,,no Im not a gym nut just a mom in her 50 who has taken up enjoying being outside and running . I have fine hair and this band does the trick,,,,,,wow my hair stays put ,,,THANKS from the Iowa Hawkeye state ,

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