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From Ironman to Ironmom: 10 Truths for the Postpartum Athlete


They tell you life will change when you become a parent. They don’t necessarily tell you how triathlon will change. Here are just a few of the ways I’ve changed between three Ironmans and two babies. 1. You have a

T3 Project: Bolder Bands Bring It


Hair. No matter what length or style you rock, your locks can become an issue during and after your workout. In the throws of training, it can be annoying to readjust hats, headbands and elastic ties to keep sweaty strands

#SitDownKayla: 11 Reasons Why #FitFam and the Fitness Culture on Social Media Is Inspiring


Recently, blogger Kayla Inglima (self-proclaimed “likeable human”) shared a post on why she believed the fitness culture on social media needs to be stopped—citing, among other things—that this culture may be the next pitfall of civilization, and that it could

T3 Project: Pacifica Brings Easy, Natural Beauty

Pacifica offers a quick beauty routine that fits in your pocket.

Let me set the scene: It’s 4:59PM on a Thursday. You’re closing the laptop and hoping to get out of the office without delay so you can get that hour-long run in and still have time to get ready for

T3 Project: Tieks is Tri-Friendly


I’m excited to kick off The T3 Project with Tieks by Gavrieli — “The ballet flat, reinvented.” This is a great brand for women on the go, and female triathletes are perhaps some of the “going-est” women out there. As

The T3 Project—Brands that Bridge the Gap from Beast to Babe


Triathlon is a combination of three sports, linked together by two transitions. The first transition, T1, is when the athlete goes from swimming to biking. It usually requires the athlete to make a mad scramble from the water to an

Putting the “Fly” in the Fly Wheel


Recently, I received an email from a fellow cycling instructor in Australia asking me for advice on how to put together an Advanced Cycling class on a stationary bike (or spin bike). It’s a question I’ve gotten before from athletes

Happy Mojiversary


Five years ago, something was born at Gold’s Gym in Syracuse, NY. A new kind of training program came on the scene, simply named Advanced Cycling. The class was organized as a weekly long ride on the spin bike, providing

Mojo for a Modern World


These are trying times for America. In my pending motherhood and mid-thirties mindset it seems I’m more sensitive to what’s going on in the world than ever before. In the past, political and social banter have felt like a sort

An Open Letter to Lady Gaga—Come Ride With Us!


“To all the girls that think you’re ugly because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one. It’s society who’s ugly.” Thank you, Lady Gaga, for channeling the words of Marilyn Monroe through your BODY REVOLUTION campaign and reminding