Dirty Laundry

because motherhood leaves a mark

Sugar Jets and Horse Feathers


Well, it’s happened. My son is not even two years of age and I’ve already heard him curse. My husband and I (mostly) watch our language around the children, but there are times when you just need to swear, and

Dear Fit Pregnancy, Let’s Get Real.


During my first pregnancy, I was fresh off my third Ironman race and used to training 17-20 hours a week. Naturally, I was interested in maintaining my fitness (at an appropriate level) and keeping my body in the best shape

A Mama at Gaga


That awkward moment when you realize you’re stashing a breast pump under your seat at a rave. That was me earlier this week, while attending Lady Gaga’s artRAVE, The Artpop Ball. Long a fan of the eccentric pop star, I’d

Mother’s Little Helper


Well here it is. The post I’ve been avoiding. The post I said I wouldn’t write, but the post that needs to be written. Because I didn’t start a blog called “Dirty Laundry” to keep things neat and tidy, right?

10 Ways I’m a Better Mom at 35


When I was 25, I was fed up with being the only single girl among my friends. The grass looked greener on the other side where the lawn was always decorated for a wedding or a baby shower. I used

The Park-n-Cry (Post-Partum Fun)


I have a secret parking lot. It’s where I go to cry. The last time I visited my concrete oasis was following an argument with my husband over who would answer the door when the pizza delivery man arrived. Yes,

Self-Doubt and Creativity


I’m a new mom. I’m not sure I’m doing this right, but we’re both still breathing so I’ll go with it. My son, Emmett, has two ages. A gestational one: five weeks, and a corrected one: zero. Preemies get to

Get Your Stro-jo On (Say what?)


I’ve been working out for four weeks now, after having to recover from my emergency C-Section 12 weeks ago. Sitting the bench (er, couch) for two straight months took its toll on my fitness level, but ironically I’m feeling more

A New Kind of Mojo


I never expected to feel so lost without a big race to train for. I’ve been training for big races for more than 10 years, and I haven’t had a summer in as much time where most of the weekends

The Birth Plan: LOL


I had a birth plan. What Type-A, OCD expectant mom wouldn’t? My husband and I were going to shoot for the most natural birth possible. We registered for a spot in “The Birth Place” of our local hospital (St. Joseph’s